Phosphonates Antiscalants, Corrosion Inhibitors and Chelating Agents
Salts of Phosphonates
Polycarboxylic antiscalant and dispersant
Biodegradable antiscalant and dispersant
Bactericide and Algicide
Built Scale & Corrosion Inhibitors and Pretreatment Filming Agents
Corrosion Inhibitor
Reverse Osmosis Chemicals
Oxygen Scavenger
New Product

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ADD: Lunan high-tech Chemical Industrial Park
Tengzhou, Zaozhuang , Shandong ,China
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Shandong Boke Water Treatment Co., Ltd.

Zaozhuang Boke Import & Export Co., Ltd.

TEL:  +86-632-5366998 
FAX: +86-632-5366900  
ADD①: Lunan high-tech Chemical Industrial Park, Tengzhou, Zaozhuang City,
         Shandong Province, China  
ADD②: Building 9, Lunan water city, no.1, Xichang middle road, Shizhong district,
        Zaozhuang city, Shandong Province, China