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BK-202 Wastewater Decolorant


BK-202 is a macromolecule Decolorant of cation quaternary ammonium salt system.Security,non-toxic,Hydrolytic stability is good. It’s can make the pigment dissolved in dyestuff wastewater and surfactant mixing,coagulation,water insoluble,then separate them from Wastewater.


Items Index
Appearance Colorless to light yellow viscous liquid
PH(stoste) 3.0-6.0
Solid content % ≥ 40


Mainly used for high chroma wastewater decolorization treatment in dyestuff plant,and it can be applied to wastewater treatment in reactive,acid and disperse dyes. It can also be used in textile,printing and dyeing wastewater treatment and pigments,ink,paper and other industrial wastewater treatment.The product must be used to together with system of inorganic salt aggregation.Decolorization rate of Wastewater is above 95%,removal ratio of COD is 50%-70%.

Package and Storage:

Normally In 25kg net Plastic Drum, Storage for a half year in room shady and dry place.

Safety Protection:

No stimulation to the skin,once contacted, flush with water is ok.