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BK-418 Bactericide for RO Membrane


BK-418 is a bactericide for RO Membrane, has good penetrating power to microbe cell and protein group to prevent the cellular redox and damage the cellula.It can effectively kill and inhibit bacteria, fungus and alga in RO equipment, especially for the gram-negative bacterium and pseudomonas. It can be used in faintly acid, neutralized and alkalescence situation. When PH is 3-8, it has the best effect. BK-418 has a good stripping ability, no foam, low toxicity, miscible with water at any ratio, good biodegradability, no pollution to environment. It can be used in papermaking, industrial recycling cooling water, lubricating oil in metal processing, pulp, wood, caating, plywood to prevent the bacterium and algae growth. It has good compatibility and will not be effected by all kinds surfactant.(It is equivalent to ACTIDIDELA THOR 1209)


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Appearance transparent liquid
pH (1% water solution) 7.5max
Density (20℃)g/cm3 1.01min


Two ways:
 1. Input 400ppm to the RO water system through proportional pump, once a time for every two weeks, 30 minutes for each time. This way is suitable for non-stop desalination operation, but the chemical dosage is big;
 2. Stop the RO system and clean the system. If the system is seriously polluted, first, clean the system by chemical agents, sterilize next:
(a) Add water to cleaning box, make up TH-410 to concentration 400-800ppm;
(b) Adjust pH <7 (with citric acid or hydrochloric acid, prolong LSB881 half-life)
(c) Circulate for 45 minutes.


If water supply contains hydrogen sulfide, soluble ferric ion, manganese ion (chlorine or hydrogen peroxide) BK-417 cannot be used. Corrosive, avoid to contact with skin and eye.


25kg plastic barrel, Storage for one year in room shady and dry place.